Pequea Machine Corp

Wagon Gears


Load on the weight.  These wagon gears from Pequea Machine Corp (PMC) handle heavy payloads easily---smoothly.  Built extra-strong, PMC wagon gears effortlessly handle up to maximum load rating.  Manufactured extra-large reinforced spindles and rectangular structural tubing for axles, each PMC wagon gear comes with tapered roller bearings for smooth hauling on field or highway.  Extra features include automotive-type steering, equiflex suspension, sintered bronze bushings at all wear points, wide-rim wheels and convenient rear hitch.  Pound for pound--dollar for dollar --PMC wagon gears offer you more in capacity and long life durability.

  • Telescoping tongue -standard
  • Heavy-duty 2' reinforced spindles
  • Equiflex suspension tracks true
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Rear hitch-standard

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