- Model 1240 - Crimper & Dry Roller Mill



The 1240 Mobile Crimper & Dry roller is an evolution on previous machines, The Machine is built to suit contractor needs, Output, its Calculation & reliability. Its design allows for quick and Intuitive Operation & Maintenance.

  • Output of 60 Tonnes Crimping & 40+ Tonne Dry rolling.
  • Hopper capacity of 5.3 Tonne-Maize.
  • Hydraulically powered Calculator, Sensor controlled, Each revolution delivers 30-50kg depending on product.
  • Parallel roll adjustment can either be Spring or Hydraulically tensioned.
  • Flow control adjustment.
  • High quality precision balanced Solid Chilled Rollers (1200*400mm)
  • Over-sized Spherical Roller bearings.
  • Working surfaces are 50-54 Rockwell hardness.
  • Grease immersed gear drive between rollers.
  • Trough Auger can either be Belt of Hydraulically powered
  • Crimping port above Mixing section of auger.
  • A 4 Meter Elevator discharges product.
  • Several Flute types available depending on application.
  • Designed to Roll, Crimp, Grind & Flake all types of animal feed to the required degree.
  • Sound suppression System.

  • Ease of use, one touch level Mechanism’s.
  • Minimum set up time.
  • No metal to metal contact, Smoothest, Quietest machine on the market.
  • Product Flexibility.
  • Quality design and construction.

  • Several options available depending on the application. Available as a Roller Grinder & Bagger.
  • The new Model 1240Mobile Compact, Designed for on farms use,  Mainly for Dry rolling, But will also crimp.
  • Dry & Wet preservatives dosing sytem at rear of machine.

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