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- Model T25i - Riding Mower


The MT is Walker's most advanced tractor series. Developed in the early 90's with the advent of more powerful twin-cylinder engines, the MT has become the mainstay of many commercial operations. Three engine choices make the versatile, powerful MT an excellent centerpiece on any landscaper's trailer. A 23 horsepower air-cooled engine (T23) is the primary offering of the T Series. The 25 horsepower air-cooled, EFI engine (T25i) equipped with Kohler's Delphi system is the most popular engine choice of the series, as it offers a 30% fuel savings versus similar carbureted engines. Rounding out the engine packages of the T Series is the T30i; a liquid-cooled, EFI engine with the fuel savings of an EFI engine and the longevity of liquid cooling. T Series tractors use Walker decks, implements and attachments to work all year long for homeowners, commercial mowers and a variety of other customers. 

  • 25 hp, Kohler OHV V-twin engine with Delphi electronic fuel injection
  • Tilt-open style body and chassis
  • Shock-mounted instrument panel
  • Remote air intake for engine
  • 10 bushel (12.4 cu. ft.) catcher
  • 10.5 in. (27 cm) grass handling blower
  • Splined PTO drive shaft with quick-disconnect coupler
  • 7 mph (10.5 kph) ground speed
  • Available in Side Discharge (SD) model

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