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The walking tractor Pony 15-R is a light handy professional machine that can be used for various aims. It is a caster action machine and it has a wide range of tools to meet the different requirements of the farmer anytime. This device is the perfect machine for farmers who need to work medium and large fields since the safety and reliability of this 100% Italian product are guaranteed.

The walking tractor Pony 15-R  is available with the following motorizations:


  • Kohler CH 395 kw7 HP9,5
  • Honda GX270 kw6,6 HP9


  • Lombardini 15LD 225 kw3,7 HP5 – diesel
  • Lombardini 15LD 350 kw6 HP8 – diesel
  • Lombardini 15LD 440 kw7,5 HP10 – diesel

In fact it is extremely versatile and can perform a lot of operations such as ploughing,ridging,milling for the setting up of the seeding bed, weeding, grass cutting, side-delivery raking, bush cutting, potato crop, seeding, snow removal, street cleaning.

The device has a 6-shifting system ( 3 ongoing and 3 reverse) and it includes a reversing gear.
Its box is made up of aluminium and has some in-oil steel mesh gears and bearings that grant its hardness and reliability in time to come.

The average rotary tiller of the above walking tractor Pony 15-R  is 70 cm large and it is provided with  6-row steel hoes that smash the land by means of 20 rotations each wheel revolution.

The wheel movement is independent from that of the power takeoff to which the different tools are linked.
It proves to make tranfers easier and makes this walking tractor Pony 15-R  by Casorzo Macchine Agricole s.r.l. a safe and easy-to-drive machine.

By revolving the handle o 180° it is possible to assemble different kinds of accessories on the front, such as the oil-bathing driven mowering bar, which is available in a wide range of length, from 110 cm, 120 cm to 130 cm.

It is a professional lawn-mower, which was designed to be able to work in hard conditions, too, such as with high lawn, high bushes and steep land. The working space is about 72 cm wide.

The Snow-Turbine with propeller is light but powerful.

  • Its working space is about 45 cm wide. The turbine by Casorzo Macchine Agricole S.r.l. offers and grants excellent performance, which is based on a long-tested propeller system, and can grant some effective and comfortable snow removal.
  • It is practical and easy-to-handle, therefore it can be used for narrow spaces, such as avenues and courtyards.
  • It is also equipped with an adjustable expulsion pot, so that you can decide the spouting course.

The double stage snow thrower has got a steel spring with indented ring and its working space is about 60 cm wide.

Vertical axis rotary plough: Brings new soil to the surface, destroys any kind of weed, able to form ridge, 25/30 cm ploughing depth, available on all two-wheel tractors.
Power required 8/12 HP.

Rotary disc plow for walking tractor Pony 15-R: Cuts, deeps below the surface, turns soil and grass, constant forward speed, low power requirement from 7÷12 HP for working depths ranging from 20÷25 cm available on all walk behind tractors.

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