Wall Inlets Systems



Fresh air inlet through the wall. Our range of wall inlets for pig houses is of the highest quality and encompasses brick-in wall inlets and flange inlets. The SKOV wall inlets feature advanced inlet control, and combining this with a cycle timer makes it easier to control the airflow at minimum ventilation. All wall inlets from SKOV are also equipped with an insulated inlet flap to prevent condensation, and the inlets are furthermore equipped with a metal bar to ensure that the inlet closes tightly and does not warp.

High-quality materials

The inlet housing is made from the high-quality plastic and is therefore resistant to minor displacements of the brickwork. SKOV wall inlets open via pull rod and are held shut by strong springs ensuring precise closing functionality in all weather conditions, including very cold periods.

We have also developed a wide range of accessories for our inlet assortment, to include air direction plates and air damping plates.

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