- Model WE 200 Series - Wood Spliters



Powerful and versatile, the WE 200 series provides dependable splitting force and fast, efficient workflow for logs up to 24” long. Powered by a Subaru engine and backed by Wallenstein’s 3 year Warranty, these log splitters are built to handle any size of job.


Hands Free Return - Auto Neutral
The splitting wedge automatically returns to the start position, ready for another piece. This allows you to clear the split pieces and prepare the next chunk for splitting.


9' Wedge Height

  • Split logs up to 9 inches in diameter in one shot, saving you time.


Powered By Subaru 189 CC EA190V Engine

  • Trust the reliable power of Subaru to muscle through hardwood with ease.


Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 4' / 24'

  • The hydraulic cylinder splits through logs up to 24' long which is plenty of room for the common 16-inch wide Face Cord.


Safety Chains and 2' Ball Hitch

  • Tow your WE Splitter safely and easily with the 2' ball hitch and safety chains. Standard on all 200 models.


4.8' x 8' Tires

  • Tow easily over rugged terrain with 8' tires. Standard on all WE200 series models.


2 Stage Hydraulic Pump 11 GPM
Maximize your efficiency with the 2-stage pump that moves quickly and splits powerfully. Stage 1 quickly moves the wedge from the start post ion to the point of contact where minimal pressure is required. As the splitting action begins, the flow decreases and the pressure increases to provide maximum splitting force.


Average Cycle: 7 Seconds

  • Average splitting cycle time is the average amount of time it takes for the splitting wedge to fully split a log, setup the next piece and begin splitting again.
  • The average splitting cycle time is based on straight grain logs. The average splitting cycle time will increase when processing stringy or cross-grain logs.


4-Way Splitting Wedge

  • Boost your productivity and make quick work out of logs by splitting four pieces at once. his is an ideal way to save time.


Fender Kit

  • Avoid mud and water spray during transportation.


Shelf Kit

  • Keep large logs stable and ready to split.

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