- Model H270 Series II - Harvester Head



Innovatively designed for superior performance in late-thinning and final-harvest applications, the Waratah H270 Series II high-capacity harvester head comes with a package of improvements designed to work as hard as you.

1,350 kg / 2,980 lb
Weight (Without Rotator & Link)

28 MPa / 4,061 psi
Hydraulic Requirements

25.6 in / 650 mm
Cutting Capacity

460 mm / 18.1 in
Delimbing Diameter Tip-to-Tip

Engineered for softwood and crooked hardwood, and configured to quickly and easily grab trees for felling

  • New optional floating front knife for heavy branching complements a strengthened knife set, providing excellent durability and delimbing quality across all diameter ranges
  • Maximized hydraulic operating pressure enables faster feeding and improved saw performance
  • Standard SuperCut 100 is housed in a new saw box and features automatic chain tensioning for extra efficiency, longer chain life, and fewer service intervals
  • New Multi-Tree-Handling (MTH) option with improved geometry and grabbing force keeps trees inside the head and out of the way
  • Durability and maintenance improvements increase longevity, shorten servicing times, provide easier access, and maximize operator productivity

  • Color marking
  • Steel thumbnail feed rollers
  • Stump treatment
  • Steel ribbed feed rollers
  • Multi-tree handling
  • TIRECO chain
  • MenSe feed rollers
  • Chain and saw-bar kits

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