- Model H290 - Harvester Head



The Waratah H290 is a powerful, high-capacity new-generation harvester head. Built for superior performance in regeneration harvesting, it was specially designed for use with large wheel-and-track-based harvesters. The H290 features the highly efficient SuperCut 100 saw unit and can fell and process trees up to 760 mm (29.5 in.) in diameter. The SuperCut saw unit minimizes bucking damage, and with its integrated automatic chain lubrication and tensioning system, improves cutting performance while reducing maintenance time. The optional color marking system improves accuracy and ensures low dye consumption. Four moving delimbing knives and one fixed, adjustable top knife follow the contours of the stem. The geometry of these knives ensures excellent delimbing quality — from large diameters down to small top diameters. New dual-speed feed motors, with an enormous feed force of up to 41.6 kN (9,352 lbf), handle large-volume harvesting with optimum feed force and speed.

1,870 kg / 4,123 lb
Weight (Without Rotator & Link)

28 MPa / 4,161 psi
Hydraulic Requirements

750 mm / 29.5 in
Cutting Capacity

510 mm / 20.1 in
Delimbing Diameter Tip-to-Tip

  • Color marking system
  • Tireco and Mense rollers
  • Stump treatment
  • Rotator and link
  • Steel thumbnail rollers
  • Rotator valve

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