- Model FL85 Series II - Felling Head



The Waratah FL85 Series II felling head gives you maximum versatility. It’s a felling head, grapple, and saw — all in one. But this is no jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. This well-engineered, highly productive attachment is made for major cutting and harvesting. The efficient SuperCut 300 saw unit provides fast cutting cycles and a maximum felling diameter of 925 mm (36.0 in.). The SuperCut saw unit’s automatic chain lubrication and tensioning improves cutting performance and reduces maintenance time. There’s a hydraulic snubber for controlled side-to-side motion, high grapple arm gripping force to hold the largest of trees, and a unique upper-boom link system for simple installation on log loaders, excavators, and feller bunchers. What does all this mean in the woods? Harvesting standing and storm-damaged timber. Picking, sorting, and piling with one attachment. Fewer cuts on large timber. And minimal use of manual felling.

1747kg / 3,851 lb
Weight (Without Rotator & Link)

58 gpm / 220 1/min
Max Flow

3,600 psi / 25 MPa
Max Pressure

450 kn / 101,165 lb
IR22 Rotator

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