- Superabsorber Polymer



Watchsorb is a high capacious super absorbent polymer capable of storing up to 1000 times its weight in water. Watchsorb effectively captures and stores moisture then slowly releases the stored moisture to the surrounding soil as needed by plants. As the soil in an area begins to dry out Watchsorb releases the stored moisture in a targeted and controlled manner resulting in an optimal growing environment for all types of vegetation.

Watchsorb is chemical free GREEN PRODUCT and 100% non toxic making it completely safe for plants, animals and all soil types. By improving soil water retention Watchsorb protects plants from the harm and stress of radical moisture change resulting in improved plant growth. With moisture available to the root systems at all times plants benefit from having a constant, optimal water supply. This improved access to a regular water supply means plants will grow bigger and fuller. In addition to supplying regular water to plants the swelling and shrinking of the Watchsorb granules has an aerating effect on the soil. This helps to promote the growth of longer and finer roots which enables a plant to absorb more nutrients.

Whether used on trees or lawns, in vegetable or flower gardens, or potted plants Watchsorb will dramatically reduce water consumption and requirements. A reduction in water consuption and water requirements means a reduction in water costs. Watchsorb quickly absorbs the water from the soil so that the loss from drainage and evaporation is reduced. This means a plants water demands can be met with the use of less water and a decreased watering frequency. The addition of Watchsorb to the soil also increases the survival rate of seedlings. The constant availability of water and a steady moisture level are crucial to the survival of seedlings in the first few weeks.

Watchsorb can be used in many other moisture management applications and products such as diapers, food packing, cargo containers, and many many more. For more information on Watchsorb applications and uses contact a Watch Water representative today.

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