Water Beads / SAP Spheres


M² Polymer Technologies  offers several specialty Super Absorbent Polymer products for crafts, magic shows and classroom demonstrations

These large grain SAP particles hold about 400-times their weight in water and can be sewn into cool ties, headband and cooling vests.  The particles are 800 to 1500 microns in size and designed not to bleed gel through most fabrics.

Add to planting baskets to retain moisture on plant roots.  Two product granule size available: Small (200-800 microns) and Medium (900-1800 microns).

We offer specialty polymers specifically designed to improve the ability of soils to hold water and plant nutrients in horticultural applications. Upon contact with water, the polymer crystals swell, absorbing hundreds of times their weight.

When dry, these opaque little balls are available in three sizes: 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm and 4.0 mm.  When placed in warm water for 2 hours they swell up to several times their size!  The 4 mm balls turn into perfectly clear little spheres of 1.5 – 2.0 centimeters.  They even bounce when you throw them on the floor!

  • # of Spheres per gram
  • 1mm   approx. 100 spheres/gram
  • 2.5 mm  approx. 40 spheres/gram
  • 4mm   approx. 30 spheres/gram

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