Water Cage Plant Protector Pin



Water Cage Plant Protector:  The Water Cage Plant Protector is a water containing device to protect tomato plants, pepper plants or other tender plants from freezing temperatures and wind early in the season.  The Water Cage fully covers the plant including the top, holding the temperature up when it freezes at night and preventing overheating during the day.  Unlike some other products offered for the same purpose of protecting the plants from freezing, the Water Cage consists of a 9 gage galvanized wire cage with a plastic bag fashioned over it in a simple way, completely surrounding the plant with water.  The Water Cage allows planting tomatoes up to a month before the normally safe planting date, providing early sun-ripened tomatoes and a higher yield per plant because of the longer harvest season before fall frost.

Weed Barrier/Landscaping Fabric Pin:  This U-shaped pin is 10 inches long, made of 9 gage galvanized steel wire to hold down ground cover and weed barrier landscaping fabric.  These pins are also handy in holding drip-lines in place.  In large quantities, the pins can be made to the length desired. Specifications and Prices Subject To Change Without Notice.

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