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Water Hyacinth Scrubber


HydroMentia’s Water Hyacinth Scrubber manages and optimizes water hyacinth’s natural capability to extract nutrient pollutants to ensure sustainability and increased treatment performance.


Water hyacinths have been used for decades to reduce nutrients in water discharging from agricultural operations such as swine and dairy farms. In addition to nitrogen and phosphorus, water hyacinth treatment units assist in the removal of suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), heavy metals, and organochlorides. HydroMentia’s patented Water Hyacinth Scrubber (WHS) perfects the management of this productive plant to ensure sustainability and increased treatment performance.

WHS systems consist of lined ponds in which floating water hyacinth are cultivated. Nutrients are removed from the water column primarily through direct plant uptake in the root system. The hyacinths also support a diverse community of bacteria and invertebrates that provide additional pollutant uptake and removal. Frequent harvesting of the water hyacinth utilizing our specifically-designed harvesting equipment maintains the WHS at maximum productivity, creating a system where nutrient removal is optimized.

Water hyacinth dominated ecosystems are some of the most productive in the world, due to the plant’s natural ability to rapidly assimilate nutrients. Engineered WHS systems create a beneficial use for the highly productive water hyacinth by maximizing nutrient assimilation, while assuring plant control. The resulting hyacinth biomass is converted into marketable end-products.

Due to their simple design and operations, Water Hyacinth Scrubber systems are often more cost-effective than either passive treatment wetland systems or more intensive chemical treatment systems.

The WHS is applied in tropical and sub-tropical regions where nutrient and organic loads are relatively high. Most frequently, these are agricultural or domestic wastewaters. The WHS has been shown to produce annual phosphorus removal rates up to 500 pounds per process acre, with nitrogen removal rates up to 9,000 pounds per process acre.

HydroMentia’s patented harvesting processes allow efficient and cost-effective biomass removal. HydroMentia conducts the harvesting, and all aspects of system operations are routinely evaluated in order to ensure maximum performance.

The mobile operations department handles every aspect of system maintenance during weekly site visits, and is diligent in addressing any issues as they arise.

Operation and maintenance of HydroMentia’s water treatment facilities is streamlined to allow continual remote oversight, eliminating the need for full-time, on-site personnel and reducing operating costs.

Water Hyacinth Scrubber systems offer custom solutions that can be sized to meet nearly any pollution reduction goal and water flow condition.

Individual treatment units are constructed in standard modules from one to 15 acres. For larger flows, standardized units are combined into a single treatment facility. This approach further reduces land area requirements while significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

The standard module approach allows implementation of reliable, cost-effective systems customized to site-specific water quality and flow conditions

Water hyacinth systems have proven effective in dairy and municipal waste applications for nearly 40 years.

HydroMentia’s leadership in hyacinth technology comes with its staff’s nearly 40 years combined experience in the design and operation of commercial water hyacinth systems. HydroMentia’s unique and patented WHS design assures its position as a market leader in the development of this sustainable aquatic plant treatment technology.

Water Hyacinth Systems are available only through HydroMentia.

Decades of research and operation are incorporated into each WHS facility design. From system design, to patented biomass management techniques, no other floating aquatic plant system offers comparable performance and experience.

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