Watertight Coverage Set System


Irrigation systems with watertight coverage set systems have extruded aluminum pipes with knuckle-female couplers smelted by gravity casting with aluminium alloy L-2520. The welding is done with the MIG process. In the female part it is incorporated an assembly formed by a hook tightener and a handle and located 180º from this handle and in the same female there is a bridge (hook) where we will place the stub from the knuckle coupler. In the other stub from the knuckle coupler part located at a distance of 180º from the previous one we will lock the hook tightener and by a handle set from this we will do the closing. Inside the female there is placed an o-ring, that when we close the system it compresses and makes the hermeticism possible.

Functioning pressures are:

  • Working pressure: 10 atmospheres.
  • Service pressure: 15 atmospheres.

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