- Model 4R750 - Rotor Strip Till System



On the Oekosem 4R750 the 4 rows are spaced 75 cm apart. The working width is thus 300 cm, the working depth of the grubber can be set between 20 and 35 cm. The working depth of the cultivator is between 7 and 15 cm.

In a single pass, the Oekosem Rotor-Strip-Till process creates a perfect seedbed for all cultivation in rows. The unprocessed strips protect against erosion and store water. Fertilise, deep loosen, cultivate and sow, all in a single pass. This saves time and money, and maintains the strong yield capability of the ground.

The non-ploughing Rotor-Strip-Till process, developed in Switzerland, has been successfully used for more than 25 years. In this way, despite for instance increasingly dry conditions, the yields have remained high, due to the water-retention properties of the intermediate strips.

The Oekosem is available in various strip pitches and widths. The Oekosem can also be used for cultivation of sugar beet. The newly developed crush rotor tool also allows the Oekosem to be converted for turning over stubble. This means the Oekosem is utilised all the year round.

  1. Saves time, money and fuel
  2. Ensures high yields
  3. Prevents erosion

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