- Model 4200 - Rugged In-Row Tiller for Smaller Tractors



This dependable, rugged in-the-row tillage tool was engineered especially for growers using smaller tractors. Yet its compact size compromises nothing when it comes to weed killing power. This precision in-row tiller is designed and built to the same rigid standards as its big brother the Model 4000 Weed Badger. The Model 4200 includes the same operating features and tillage or mowing capacity as the larger Model 4000. The difference is the frame size. Model 4200 fits tractors with a range from approximately 18 to 30 engine horsepower and capable of a 3-pt lift capacity of 840 pounds.


The Model 4200 is a favorite for growers with narrow row spacing. If you have made the decision to purchase a smaller tractor to reduce fuel consumption, soil compaction, or to fit between narrow rows, then this model is a perfect fit.

The Model 4200 is easily upgraded to utilize the twin-wand Ultra-Lite Automatic Sensor. So you can start with a basic machine package, which includes manual and semi-auto retract/extend control, and add the sensor, Active Cooler, or other options later to adapt to your changing farming needs.

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