Weed Control System



Pre-emergent weed-control is the most effective way to manage weeds in vegetable crops, especially in organic farming. The method is well suited to slow-germinating, direct-seeded cultures. Carrots, for example, gain the necessary advance in growth when flame-weeded already before emerging.

For professional and effective weed-control at large areas. A new, rear mounted Flame-Weeder with 3m or 6m working width is now available. The Flame-weeder is equipped with the new Injector-S-Burners, which guarantee less gas-consumption, more performance and higher operating reliability. The bottle support in the front of the tractor is used as warm water-quench to avoid icing of the 6 x 33 kg bottles.

The individual manufactured bed-coverage is available with hydraulic folding (by request) and can be used in ridged crops as well. In combination with the liquid gas-tank in the front, the evaporator allows the withdrawal of gas directly from the liquid phase.

With a 300 kg gas-tank (liquid gas) in the front, the usual icing and bottle-change can be dropped and belongs to the past.The Hector can be only used in combination with a evaporator.

The new powerfull Injector-Burners work with significantly improved efficiency at optimum combustion values and allow higher driving speeds.

Maintenance-free Injector system.No failures of the burner nozzle by coking.Increased volume flow through larger prechamber – Achievement: durable and improved efficiency.

All burners have a thermoelectric safety pilot or automatic ignition. Parallelogramm-guided heat-protection tunnel with integrated burner, no heat losses. Especially suitable for flaming of individual rows, for example sugar beets or carrots.

The evaporator allows the use of large gas tanks. Significantly higher efficiency without annoying bottle-change, gas withdrawal from the liquid phase.

Quick and easy ignition of the burner via a switchboard from the tractor cab. No time-consuming and dangerous lighting of the burners by hand more necessary!!! The automatic ignition ensures that no flame extinguishes prematurely.

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