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Weed Fix


Weed Fix is a modular system adjustable to row spacing of 200mm or greater. Weed Fix is a parallelogram power scuffler designed to cultivate between the rows and move desired amounts of soil evenly into the rows, smothering the weeds without covering the leaves of the crop plants (Precision ridging). Weed Fix has mounted cultivation tools, and adjustable depth wheels that continually gauge the penetration depth of the tines and the gap beneath the row shields. Weed Fix is a ‘must have' implement for today's conventional and organic farmer who cares for the land.

  • Modular system adapts to your growing method.
  • Controls weeds between the rows and between the plants.
  • On the flat or on beds.
  • Front or rear mounted.
  • Power drive or beet blades.
  • Automatic parallelogram depth control.

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