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Weeders and Tillers


We have a range of Weeders and Tillers which are best suited for all inter crop weeding operations. The machines are very rugged as they come with cast-iron gear box which are good enough to withstand any kind of abuse during field operations.There are separate gears for self propulsion, rotovator and forward/reverse movement of the weeders.We have a range of weeders with different cutting widths powered by Engines from 4.5hp to 14hp, with various fuel options viz Petrol/kerosene, Petrol and Diesel.

The machines are most suitable for Inter crop weeding in crops like Mulberry, Sugar cane, Chilly, Cotton, Curry leaves , Banana, etc.Weeders And Tillers manufacturer in india.

  • Powered by 'Briggs & Stratton OHV Engines . These Engines are proven for their quality and durability.
  • Magnetron electronic ignition system - ensures one pull easy starting.
  • Suitable for  inter crop weeding for almost all crops.

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