Weighter Panel



EASY WEIGHTER PANEL is the electronic weighing control unit suitable for every application where are necessary: rapid installation, precise and reliable results. It's possible weight every kind of product from few gramms until to 99.999 kg. Easy weighter panel is made up of a self-estinguishing plastic box with elegant cover in transparent polycarbonate. The instrument can run automatically or manually up 20 formulas of 8 components, accumulate with a progressive number up 99 measures with the function of accumulator. Can print (optional) all the data in memory and those in dinamic weighing.

Memory up 99 measures with a progressive number.
Reading of the measures one by one or display the total in memory.
Simple to use.
Run of 20 formulas of 8 components.
Possibilty to print all the data in memory.


  • Use range : max 99.999 Kg
  • Resolution: 1 digit
  • Display: graphic LCD 16x2
  • Power supply: 12 Vdc
  • Sensor: all types of load cells
  • Dimensions: 235x185x120
  • Weight: 1 Kg

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