- Model 3000 F - Front Cultivator



WEKA is a  front cultivator build with a single frame postionned very close to the tractor and there are  particular benefits for push and drive the machine on the field but also at high transport speeds. Under- beam clearance and tine spacing offer a large cappacity of work even if there are a lot of rest and trash on the soil. WEKA ' s frame  is very robust and can be coupling with TAPIR 125 front packer.

  • working width : 2,90 m
  • weight : 500 kgs
  • frame type : mono poutre fixe
  • tines: 7

  • tines extension
  • hydraulic folding system DE
  • Adjustable coulters on right and left
  • Quick coupler for TAPIR 125 E-GL / WEKA
  • control wheels (10.0/75x15.3)

Additionnal share for  WEKA with speed loc adaptor :

  • Reinforced Soc spike renforcé
  • sweep share 420
  • Large spike share (10 cm)

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