- Hydraulic Angle Blades



WBM Hydraulic Angle Blades are used in applications where snow removal, land levelling, grading and dozing are required. With 30 degrees of hydraulic left or right angle capability, the operator is provided with increased material control during conventional dozing operations.

  • Proven and tested moldboard profiles
  • Maximum blade widths and heights to match application and machine capability
  • Dual hydraulic angling cylinders provide 30 degrees of angle left or right
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Centre drilled reversible bolt-on edges
  • Available in KAT or Integral Lift group configurations

  • Increased versatility and productivity
  • Moldboard profiles provide optimum material 'rolling' or carrying characteristics
  • Blade widths designed in 12' increments from 120' and up depending on machine width and application
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders provide positive angling force to hold the blade in the desired position
  • Skid shoes increase cutting edge wear life and increase grading characteristics
  • Maximum usage of bolt-on edge material

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