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Earlier harvest: wepelen early harvesting film ensures a micro-climate that promotes growth, similar to a greenhouse. In this way, the film accelerates the harvesting of temperature-sensitive fruit and vegetable crops in open-air cultivation, thus increasing the yield per unit area.

Favorable growth conditions
The wepelen early harvesting film allows solar energy to penetrate by day and hinders infrared radiation from the ground at night. Another plus: wind can no longer dry out and cool down the plants and soil, and you can control the development of your plants at any time.

Beneficial hole perforation
Irrigation water, rainfall and agricultural pesticides can be distributed evenly on the ground, thanks to 500 holes per square meter in the standard version. The uniform ventilation simultaneously reduces the risk of mold and mildew formation. On request, three other grid varieties are available, containing 250, 750 or 1,000 holes per square meter.

wepelen ClimaTec: easier handling
With wepelen ClimaTec, RKW offers you a further version of the early harvesting film. At just 0.04 mm (1.6 mil) thick, it is about 20% lighter than the standard version. This simplifies the film handling, reduces any impact damage from wind effects and also lowers disposal costs.

wepelen ClimaPlus: anti-thaw coating and thermal effect
The anti-thaw coating of wepelen ClimaPlus reduces the formation of condensation on the underside of the film. This means drops of water can no longer damage leaves or act as a “burning glass”. Specially embedded raw materials also reduce the temperature difference between day and night. This results in less stress and better growth conditions for the plants.

Wepelen early harvesting films promote the growth of your temperature-sensitive fruit and vegetables and ensure a perfect climate – not only for early fruits.

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