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Model SL-700X - Trailed Chain Driven Bale Feeder



The Hustler SL-700X is a chained feeder mounted on a heavy duty chassis and trailed on the drawbar of the tractor.

The Hustler SL-700X is the ideal machine for feeding at a distance from the bale storage site, as it allows two bales to be taken to the stock at the same time. One bale is lifted on the spikes and placed onto the cradle ready for feeding, and a second bale can be carried on the rear allowing two bales to be fed before returning to reload. The SL-700X comes standard with a ring hitch and a screw jack on the drawbar whilst the mud guards are optional.

  • Will feed round or square bales and chopped material with ease
  • Massive zinc-plated chains for durability
  • Very low cradle for ease of loading
  • Non-corrosive cradle floor
  • Easily adjustable feed rate
  • Will feed to the left or the right
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and simple to use
  • High back bar to retain bale
  • Carries two bales at a time

  • Bale sizes round 1.2m x 1.2m – 1.8m x 1.5m
  • Bale sizes square Up to 6’6” (1.1m)
  • Bale weight Up to 1000kg x2
  • Unit weight 880kg
  • Hydraulics required 2x double-acting, 12-60 litres/min,
  • 2250-3000psi

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