- Dry Automatic Feeders



The machine works thanks to gravitational feed falling (powdery or granular) from the reservoir into the trough.  Cover the bed is rectangular shaped with a sloping wall, forming a funnel with is a food tray under.

Dry automatic feeders are available in two versions

  • AWSW - for weaners (6 - 30 kg),
  • AWST-forfinishers(15-120kg).

Advantages of the product

  • simple and easy adjustment of feed opening knob allows accurate administration which gives the possibility to adapt the quantity of feed to the age and stage of fattening,
  • stable, robust construction provides high durability,
  • resistant to corrosion and aggressive environment in piggery,
  • easy cleaning and hygiene maintain.

Product characteristics

  • dry automatic feeders are available in single and double versions,
  • dry automatic feeders are made of polypropylene and stainless steel.

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