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- Original Gutter-Connected Greenhouse



Westbrook's original gutter-connected greenhouse has been used by commercial growers and retailers for over twenty years. Westbrook introduced the world’s first curved glass greenhouse back in 1985, designed with large panels of curved glass for increased strength and light. The Solar Glass house is for the grower or retailer who wants maximum light and longevity. Glass panels that are up to six feet wide mean increased durability, less maintenance, and the highest possible light levels. This greenhouse is available with continuous double ridge vents for maximum natural ventilation or with exhaust fans for mechanical venting.

  • Ideal structure for All types of crops and those planning their growth in stages
  • Standard Widths: 18', 21', 24' (custom widths available)
  • Widespan Widths: 36', 42'
  • Roof Types: 4mm Tempered Glass, 8mm Polycarbonate, Inflated Double Poly

The Solar Poly house is available with gutter vents for natural ventilation or with exhaust fans for mechanical venting. This structure gives you the versatility to later change the roof cladding from poly to tempered glass or polycarbonate.

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