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- Model Venlo - Glass Greenhouses



The Venlo greenhouse is fashioned after the traditional European style greenhouse, but was developed by Westbrook to specifically address the extreme climate and snow loads faced by the North American grower. This house provides an ideal year round growing environment for all types of crops. The standard tempered glass roof cladding with sealed glazing system minimizes light loss while maximizing strength. The Venlo is engineered for high crop yields while providing up to 30% ventilation with alternating continuous roof vents.

  • Ideal structure for All types of crops
  • Standard Widths: 21', 24', 26.25' (custom widths available)
  • Widespan Widths: 31.5', 36', 42'
  • Roof Types: Glass with no vents (for fan venting) or glass with staggered vents for natural venting

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