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The Ag Express Floor is the lightest, most durable trailer on the road. Its high-tensile steel frame and aircraft-grade aluminum components allow you to carry significantly more payload. The Ag Express Floor® features the latest evolution in livefloor technology. Heavy duty extruded, full length aluminum slats result in less maintenance and a more durable, longer-lasting floor and greater ease and convenience in loading and unloading. The floor itself is sealed either by pressure or seals to keep a variety of payloads safe and secure. The livefloor is anchored to its unitized, high-tensile steel frame, creating a strong, lightweight foundation.

  • Length 45'
  • Width 102'
  • King Pin Setting 36'
  • Rear Axle Setting 36'
  • 445/50 R 22.5 Michelin X One Tires
  • 22.5” X 14” Polished Aluminum wheels
  • Western Rollover Tarp w/ratchet style tarp latches
  • Keith Walking Floor® Pressure Seal® Floor
  • LED marker lights w/ aluminum billet bezels

KEITH & WALKING FLOOR are registered worldwide trademarks of KEITH Mfg. Co.

Each Trailer Features
  • Extruded aluminum rear door frame and hinges w/ stainless steel header and extruded aluminum self cleaning rear light bar
  • Polished aluminum front bar
  • Fold up front slope for bagged feed of fertilizer
  • Bolt on aluminum rear bumper w/ stainless steel filler plate
  • Self cleaning aluminum top rails
  • Aluminum lower rails leaving only the landing legs, upper coupler and rear sub frame as painted carbon steel
Featured Products
  • Duralite™ hubs
  • Hendrickson Intraax™AANT taper beam suspension
  • Jost™ landing gear
  • Keith® Running Floor ll® w/ aluminum drive unit and Pressure Seal® floor
  • Michelin™ tires
  • Trucklite™ lights and wiring harnesses
  • Sealco™ air valves
  • Wabco™ anti lock brake systems

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