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All side mast Wheatheart Post Pounders offer 16' of lateral movement coupled with a four-way-tilt mast which allows for 16' of side-to-side movement. This provides added post positioning flexibility and convenience for perfect post placement. Operating the post pounder is made easy with our joystick hydraulic control lever. Activate the two hydraulic tilt cylinders with the conveniently located joystick control. You can direct the four-way-tilt mast side-to-side and forward or backward allowing perfect post alignment in uneven terrain.

Post Pounders/Drivers

Trailer models offer a choice between self-contained PTO or Honda motor drive hydraulic systems, while 3PT hitch models offer a PTO pump self-contained system on the side mast.

Side Mast Models

With a side mast version, there are two models to choose from; a High & Heavy Hitter and a High & Heavy Hitter Plus, in trailer or 3PT hitch options.

High & Heavy Hitter

Available in trailer-mount and Cat ll 3PT hitch models

660 lb heavy duty hammer pounds posts into hard ground

4 head-mounting positions

64' stroke

Convenient post rack on trailer model

Choose between a PTO pump or a 9 or 13 hp Honda engine on the trailer model

3PT hitch mount model requires a minimum 75 hp tractor

High & Heavy Hitter Plus

Available in trailer-mount and Cat ll 3PT hitch models

720 lb heavy duty hammer

Hammer height adjustable from 9'8' to 14'5'

Additional weight ballast box for greater stability

PTO pump or 13 hp Honda motor on trailer model

Outrigger for additional stability on trailer model

3PT model requires a minimum 75 hp tractor

High & Heavy Hitter Side Mast Post Pounder/Post Driver

3PT hitch models and skid steer models are freestanding for additional safety while attaching or detaching from the skid steer or tractor

Adjustable hammer height to accommodate different post lengths

Greaseless horizontal poly slides

Side mast 3PT hitch models are counter-balanced to maintain balance and stability

Swivel control panel with joystick hydraulic controls

Trailer models have a wide-stance, weighted counter-balance and a low centre of gravity for balance and stability
Designed for ease of operation and low maintenance

Optional Pilot Auger

Drills through any soil condition and most rock obstructions up to a 40' depth

Easy installation – mounts directly to driver mast, allowing you to tilt the pilot auger to the required angle

Down pressure cylinder allows operator to apply as much force on the auger bit as required

Hydraulic controls conveniently located by standard operator controls

A high torque, reversible hydraulic motor is coupled to a double bearing housing

Powered by tractor or skid steer hydraulics

Choice of 4.5' or 6' hard surfaced auger bits with replaceable carbide teeth

Minimum hydraulic requirements 10 gpm at 1600 psi

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