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Why corn matters to us


Corn is a basic food for nearly one billion people, especially in Africa and Latin America. With so many hungry families depending on it – sometimes for over half their daily calorie intake – we put all the energy we can into supporting the world’s corn farmers. Their harvest gets turned into a whole variety of dishes, such as warm cornmeal porridge (called polenta in Italy and mealie pap in South Africa), tortillas and cornflakes. As a street snack in many parts of the world, you’ll find roasted kernels or entire ears of corn – best enjoyed oozing with butter. Corn is even being turned into alcohol to make bourbon whiskey. Corn is also vital for livestock producers because it can be so efficiently converted into feed. As demand for livestock increases worldwide, so will the demand for corn. It even makes biofuel. For the good of this vital and versatile crop, we offer farmers the best technologies and resources we can.

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