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Wide-span Greenhouses for Ornamentals and Propagation Material


A wide-span greenhouse is the first choice for many growers, especially those handling ornamentals and propagation material. This type of greenhouse optimizes the interior climate. Crop growing conditions can be enhanced thanks to the large air buffer. Another important advantage of the wide-span greenhouse is, as its name suggests, the free-standing width. Zwirs Worldwide can supply wide-span greenhouses with roof trusses from 6.40 to 16.00 meters. Consequently, the greenhouse can be tailored to your specific business situation and cultivation methods.

Today's generation of wide-span greenhouses allows for various environmental zones. Since Zwirs Worldwide takes care of engineering and production in-house, you will always have the ideal greenhouse. One that lets in light easily, has few light-deflecting parts, and will be a good investment for the longer term.

Own staff and local partners

Both the construction of the structure and the glazing are in the hands of our own trained staff. You can also opt to have local parties involved, and in that case you can of course rely on our expertise in terms of supervision and management.

Roof truss widths:
From 6.40 to 16.00 meters

Standard bay widths:
3.20 meters - 4.00 meters - 4.266 meters - 4.50 meters

Standard post heights
Subject to requirements

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