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Widespan System



In 2009 Boal Systemen renewed its widespan system. The BK System’s supporting steel structure guarantees a solid construction while allowing for large span widths. Using the aluminum gutters and pilling-up profiles, the BK System offers a very precise and neatly constructed roof system. The BK System introduces more robust connections between the glazing profiles in order to absorb forces and expansion differences optimally. The bar clamp which is hooked into the gutter is an example of the increased robustness. This bar clamp minimizes deflection differences between the gutter and the steel structure and as a result avoids potential damage of the bars, sealing or cover material.

In order to meet requirements for water tightness and proper condensation drainage the pilling-up profiles, which separate the glass panes, have enjoyed specific care. The BK System uses a cover strip on the roof bar that runs over the pilling-up profile. Openings between the bar and the pilling-up profile are therewith avoided. Furthermore, the pilling-up profile is equipped with a condensation gutter that ends in the condensation gutter of the roof bar. Condensation difficulties are avoided with a double drainage per glass pane.

The BK System is available for 4, 16 and 22-26 mm cover materials. The 4 mm system is designed for glass, the 16 mm system for polycarbonate or acrylate and the 22-26 mm system for double glass. The roof system can be equipped with single or double ridge ventilation and with integrated insect netting of various suppliers.



  • With neat profiles and covers the BK System offers an attractive design.
  • Strong connections allow for a solid and durable construction.
  • Water damages are avoided with tight and precise transitions, continuing cover strips and an integrated condensation drainage system.


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