- Wide Area Ultrasonic Spraying Systems



The WideTrack ultrasonic spraying system produces a wide, fan-shaped spray pattern that is up to 12” (305 mm) or 24” (610 mm) wide (dual nozzle system) and features a user friendly LCD backlit display. Sono-Tek’s non-clogging ultrasonic nozzles create highly uniform, repeatable spray patterns using low velocity air shaping technology. The soft, ultrasonically atomized spray is shaped and directed toward the substrate by precisely timed jets of air which alternately pulse to drive the spray downward. The timing and force of the pulses produces a spray pattern that oscillates back and forth across the substrate. Spray pattern width is adjusted by changing the position and angle of the jets for precise coverage of desired areas with very little overspray.

The electronics enclosure for single or dual nozzle systems houses the following:

    • Nozzle driver subsystem
    • Liquid delivery system
    • Sensor electronics and power supply assemblies
    • Jets control assembly
    • Rotary air dispersion valve

(Right) System components and custom WideTrack tabletop system

One of Sono-Tek’s precision pumping systems (Gear pump, MicroFlow, or Syringe Pump TI) is fully integrated, delivering liquid at a precisely controlled rate to the ultrasonic nozzle.

WideTrack spray systems offer significant advantages over conventional pressure nozzles, such as no clogging and reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements. The titanium construction makes it compatible with almost any liquid, and the soft, low-velocity spray reduces waste and improves spray performance.

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