- Model 2500 Series - Chisel Plow


For more than 40 years, Wil-Rich has incorporated its philosophy of continuous improvement into each new series of chisel plows. This tradition continues with the introduction of the 2500 Series Chisel Plow! Our engineers developed the 2500 Series to integrate a more refined design into the first new chisel plow released in almost a decade. Wil-Rich made the frame of the 2500 Series Chisel Plow deeper front to rear to improve the trash flow associated with increased residues from today’s higher yielding crops. The deeper frame also gives the frame added overall strength. By moving to a common frame design, Wil-Rich has also made it easier for you to get the chisel plow you want, whether it’s a level lift or floating hitch. By increasing the tube wall thickness from ¼-inch to ⅜-inch in key areas on the 2500 Series Chisel Plow, Wil-Rich has doubled the amount of steel, creating a better all-around chisel plow.

Main Frame
  • 13' main frame
  • 4-bar welded frame
  • 4 x 4' tubular frame
  • 140' front to back
  • Over-center folding wings
Shank Spacing
  • 12 or 15' spacing
  • Cat hitch – for use with clevis-type drawbar
  • Single-point depth control
  • Two main lift cylinders
  • One wing transport fold cylinder on 3' and 6' wing models
  • Two wing transport fold cylinders on 9' and 12' wing models
Shank Options
  • 650-lb. 1 ¼ x 2 x 32' extension spring shank
  • 1,000-lb. 1 ¼ x 2 x 30' compression spring edge-on shank
Gauge Wheels
  • Hydraulically controlled on floating hitch units (31x13.5-15)
  • Ratchet adjust on level lift units (9.5Lx15)
Safety Equipment
  • Safety chain
  • Transport warning light package

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