- Model ST750 - Seeder



Williames ST750 Seeder is capable of seeding up to 750 trays per hour.

Williames ST750 Seeder incorporates the following:

  • Simple operation.
  • Few moving parts and robust construction ensure excellent reliability and low maintenance.
  • Adjustable to suit most tray types.
  • Variable speed control while maintaining timing.
  • Precise mechanically timed cleated chain conveyor for positive engagement of tray.
  • Readily interchangeable dibber and seed drums for different seed types and tray configurations.
  • Simple seeder and dibber height control.
  • Powered rotary cleaning brush for dibber drum.
  • Large diameter seed drum to enable multi-seed singulation bars for optimal singulation.
  • Air brushes for accurate singulation on seed drum.
  • Accurate seed placement at chosen depth and position in cell.
  • Integrated drive of conveyor, dibber drum and seed drum for consistent timing at any speed.
  • Safe operation and auto stop mechanism.

We also offer a number of options for your ST750 Seeder:

  • Upgrade to 5 singulator bars and side air cushions to enhance singulation of difficult seed types.
  • Electric counter.
  • Variety of seed drums available to deal with most seed types and single/multiple seed placement.

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