- Model UL 1000 and UL750 - Selective Tea Harvesters



Williames Tea Pty Ltd Now has a New Two Person SELECTIVE Tea Plucker which selectively plucks 92,000 times per hour across the tea at 4 kilometres an hour with quality as good as or better than hand plucked leaf.

Key benefits of the NEW Williames Selective Tea Harvester are as follows:-

  • Plucks high quality soft green two leaves and a bud - Other mechanical harvesters cut and remove everything including some maintenance foliage which adversely affects the quality.
  • Selective. Only picks mature tea leaf while leaving the immature buds for the next round to improve yield. Other mechanical tea harvesters are non-selective. As a result they harvest the immature buds which increases the time for tea leaf to mature and in turn reduces yield.
  • Reduces labour. Only 2 persons required to operate the machine which can do the work of 15 hand pluckers. Labour cost and availability is a key issue for the International Tea Industry.
  • No ground preparation – Two person operation, skid plate travels on top of the tea eliminating “walking bounce”.
  • Requires no operator adjustment – just sit it on top of the tea for perfect height control and very high quality leaf. Operator support required for “Tipping”.

The UL1000 & UL750 selective tea harvesters have been operating since 2013.

We welcome your enquiry and to join with you in planning forward to meet your specific requirements.

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