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Willows/Sludge Lagoons

Fast-growing species such as willows have very attractive potential for solving environmental problems. Willows grow with exceptional speed and easily provide cuttings, characteristics very useful for quickly restoring sites, stabilizing shores and banks or simply producing large quantities of biomass.

For several years now, different research projects have drawn on this potential. The largest one is the production of wood biomass through short-rotation intensive culture of willows. This technique consists of planting willows very densely (20,000 plants/hectare) and harvesting the branches produced, every two or three years. Since the roots remain in the soil, the stumps can produce new shoots that will in turn be harvested after two or three years. The biomass produced in this way can be used for energy purposes. Planting fast-growing trees on disturbed land of little agricultural use allows more rational use of the land, with very positive consequences for the environment and the conservation of our forest resources.

Jones McGirr & Co can provide you with an excellent and cost effective way of collecting/storing dirty water before it is pumped or even diverted to the willows. These storage facilities are constructed in the same way as a slurry lagoon. Jones McGirr can supply flow control valves and waste water filters to maximise the uptake of dirty water to suit the growth potential of the willows dependent on time of year etc. Jones McGirr & Co can also install a completely enclosed willow tank, which are used in light and sandy soils where soil and water pollution is a real and dangerous risk.

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