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Proven to be the best blender for thorough, uniform intermixing of powdered, granular, fibrous and viscous materials. How to intermix large quantities of bulk materials for a thorough, uniform blend has been a problem for many industries.  How to accomplish this quickly and efficiently has been an even greater one.

Until the Introduction of Willowtech blending technology


Willowtech blending technology has been employed for more than 40 years to assure thorough, uniform blending of bulk materials in a variety of industries - from food processing to confectioneries, to chemical, fertilizer, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to sludge stabilization and composting operations.

High-speed, efficient blending

Willowtech Plow Blenders are horizontal mixing chambers having plow-shaped blending elements mounted on a powerfully driven shaft.  Rotating at a high speed, plow elements divide, mix, back-mix and re-divide materials thousands of times a second to yield a thorough, uniform blend with reliable consistency.

Capable of operating at a peripheral speed of approximately 1,000 feet per minute, Willowtech Plow Blenders can blend a 5,000:1 ratio of powders in 10 seconds without streaks or agglomerations.  A thorough, uniform blend can be achieved within one minute.

Handles a variety of materials, virtually any capacity

Chemco's full line of Willowtech Plow Blenders includes three different types and more than 25 models to handle virtually any capacity demand for blending powdered, granulated, fibrous and viscous materials of varying particle size, shape and weight of throughput rates of up to 648,000 pounds per hour.  This is equivalent to 180 pounds of media uniformly mixed every second.

Each blender type is designed for optimal performance in handling a specified class of materials: Type D blenders for viscous materials; Type C blenders for paste like products and for efficient heat transfer applications; Type T blenders for free flowing materials.

Designed and engineered for precision

Set to 1/16-inch clearance from the wall of the mixing chamber, the plows work all of the material.  The plow head design enables friable material to pass beneath the tool without attrition.

Batch or continuous flow mixing

Efficiency of the plow head design, combined with high speed rotation results in mechanical fluidization and back mixing action along the entire length of the mixing chamber.  This compensates for fluctuations in the delivery of the material to the blender.  Even repetitive cycles of intermittent batches can be delivered to the blender with homogeneous output.  Additives can be directly introduced at a single entry point along the mixing chamber without affecting the uniformity of the discharged product.

Manufactured for demanding service

Willowtech Plow Blenders are fabricated for strength, durability and trouble free service.  To handle a range of load conditions, various models are available with a variety of drives including direct gear motor drive, shaft mounted reducers, gear motors and separate motor and gear reducers.  Easy access to interior of the mixing chamber enables unobstructed visual inspection and simplified cleaning of the unit.

Sized for efficiency

The small overall size of the Willowtech Plow Blender means less floor space dedicated to their installation. In addition, their compact size, in relation to their performance, permits installation in locations that reduce materials handling and space requirements.

A choice of options to meet your application needs

Choice of construction materials:
  • Carbon steel
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Jackets for heating and cooling.
  • High-speed choppers.
  • Sanitary construction.

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