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- Aluminum Super B Grain Trailer


Wilson's Pacesetter Super B trailer  allows you to move more payload per haul by coupling two lightweight aluminum trailers together.  The lead unit's fixed fifth wheel assembly is located on its extended tri-axle sub frame, 57' from the rear of the trailer. Lightweight, long-lasting aluminum and Wilson's tested-tough construction results in a trailer able to endure varying extremes and road stresses, while acheiving some of the industry's best load capacities. Corrosion resistant aluminum means less valuable time is used dealing with the rusting issues of steel.  You will appreciate the lower costs of ownership a Wilson trailer can deliver. The aerodynamic pluses of Wilson's smooth, closed end trailer design maximize fuel efficeincy and payload while minimizing your cost per load.  The fuel savings realized over the longer lifespan of the trailer adds to your bottom line and your value in the trailer.

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