- Trailed Sprayer



Win’air capitalises all of Berthoud's expertise in spraying (Speedair and Supair fans, Airmist diffusers, Easyflo calibration, etc.) combined with a number of significant developments: new fan unit, new generation AB Most sprayers and booms, pneumatic and air-assisted spraying, new electronics, etc.

Reinforced chassis, compact equipment, assisted driving, reduced transport width: Win’air is designed to guarantee workability, sturdiness and reliability for intensive and long-lasting use.

Win’air is a complete range that offers a wide choice of solutions tailored to meet each of your needs: capacities of 600, 800,1000 and 1500 L, Speedair or Supair fans, manual or hydraulic boom arches, manual or telescopic AB Most booms, pneumatic or air-assisted spraying...

  • Working comfort and safety of the user (washing hands, Berlogic panel...)
  • Efficient ventilation
  • Simplified implementation
  • A large range of equipment and solutions

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