Wind Machine


Coverage : Approx. 10 acres. Best Suited Areas : Flat. Unit Cost {with Power Unit) : Approx. $32,000*. Installation Cost : Cement Pad + Installation: Cost Unknown (may be included in price of new machine). Maintenance Cost : Mfg. Service Contract: Cost Unknown. Auto-Start Available? : Yes. Fuel Consumption : Approx. 10gal/hr2. Horsepower : 85-100(100+)HP3. Power Options : Gas, Electric PTO, Diesel, LPG, Temperature Controlled Auto Start. Fan Efficiency : 56%4. Propeller : Rigid Mount Fiberglass/Aluminum/Alloy. Gearbox : Cast Iron, Steel Gears. Enhances Other Frost Protection? : Yes: Heaters. Noise Level : Approx. 90dB at 126fts. Safely Used in Any Weather? : No. Reduces Cherry Cracking : Yes. Years in Use : 50+.

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