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The WINDMILL spreader accurately spreads granular material up to a 40 feet effective swath.

The hopper is fromed from one single sheet of 0.080 (2mm.) thick steel. The hopper is completely smooth and has no seems that could rust or split open.

The rugged frame is constructed from cold-drawn tubular steel of 2⅜' diameter, heavy wall stock. Use of heavier tubing than required gives WINDMILL spreaders a much stronger frame will in the end resultlast longer and stand tougher.

Simple levers instantly turn output on/off. The twin levers allow the operator to spread either to the right or to the left or to spread both sides at the same time( full reaer delivery pattern- see below.

One Side Discharge Kit: $299.00
PART# 17910: For spreading under fruit trees,grape vines, etc. Ideal for spreading salt and sand on sidewalks

Agitator: $ 24.75
PART# 17098: For breaking up lumps and spreading powders.

Swath Regulator: $ 149.50
PART# 17909: For reducing swath width Recommended in orchards and for spreading salt or sand on driveways.

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