- Fully Automated Weatherproof Free Standing Pole Type


Fully automated weatherproof freestanding pole type, used successfully on Land fill sites, Farms, Factory sites, Marinas etc. This very versatile and portable unit is fully automatic with night turn off, bird selection & volume control with a manual override for instant response or test purposes. The unit is completely weatherproof (IP56 rated, only the transformer must be kept undercover) and automatically plays the bird alarm cries at random intervals for random lengths of time so that birds do not become accustomed to its use. It is available in 2 main forms: 60 Watt or 100 Watt outputs.

  • Size: 300mm X 220mm X 130mm
  • Weight: 5kg approx.
  • Pole Height: 1m
  • Stand base for battery: 300mm X 300mm
  • Output: 60 Watt (105dB) - 100 Watt (120dB)
  • Power requirements: 12Volt DC (110V or 240V AC options available)

Additions & Extras

The following items can also be used in conjunction with your unit.

  1. Mains power supply that converts 110 Volt or 240 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC. (For Indoor use only).
  2. Overriding timers available on both 12V DC and 240V AC.
  3. Solar panel to help keep the battery charged.

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