Model WINGFLEX - Cow Comfort Stall Mats


The profile element (wing and supporting stud) create an extremely stable, wear resistant and flexible mat. WINGFLEX adjusts easily to the lying cow while also providing her the firmness she needs when getting up and lying down.  Sealing lips around the outside edge completely surround the mat and prevent dirt and bedding from getting underneath.

  • Innovative wing profile creates Kraiburg’s softest mat
    • Adapts optimally to the body shape of the lying cow
  • Comfortable and skin-friendly surface
  • Integrated slope to rear edge help facilitate drainage keeping mats clean and dry
  • Connector bars lie flush with the mats edges and surface allowing for proficient installation
  • Only recommended for free stalls


  • Thickness: approx. 2.5'
  • Width (adjustable with connecting bar):
  • Covers stall widths 43.5' - 53.5'
  • Length: 72'
  • Accessory:
  • ergoBOARD - the flexible brisket board

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