- Model WB-10EG - Fish Egg Grading Machine



A perfect sorting of your eggs of trout and salmon requires that the eggs almost have the same size. To achieve this it is often necessary to grade the eggs. For that purpose we have manufactured a WB-10 EG. The EGG GRADER looks like an egg picker, but it is two completely different machines. WB-10 EG grades the eggs in two sizes much faster  than a WB-9 is sorting. If you want the eggs graded in more than two sizes, you just have to change the disc and grade the portion of smallest eggs once more. For example 2 x grading gives you three size.

Fish egg grading machine, WB-10EG black with cover and 3 discs (2 lines of holes) 5.0/6.5 - 6.0/7.5 and 7.0/8.5 mm  Capacity: 400,000 to 1,000.000 eggs per hour

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