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Preventing mastitis is the most important facet of an Intelligent Mastitis Management™ program. The use of an antimicrobial to clean and sanitize the teat area before and after milking has been proven to reduce the incidence of mastitis in cows. Mastitis is best controlled by killing the two main pathogens that cause it — Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae — by using a pre- and post-dip that destroys these organisms. That is where Wipe Out Dairy Wipes come in. They’re The One Step Cow Prep, and intelligent producers are adopting Wipe Out every day.

  • Wipe Out is tough on germs, attacking bacteria on contact.
  • Wipe Out contains no harsh chemicals or dyes, leaving teats soft and conditioned.

  • No mixing or measuring.
  • Simply pull a pre-soaked towel out of the top of the bucket, wipe the entire teat area, and the cow is ready for milking in seconds.
  • Wipe Out is biodegradable

  • Prepping cows is fast and effective; teats dry in seconds.
  • Helps to promote milk letdown.
  • Wipe Out towels are strong and thick.
  • Each towel contains skin conditioning agents.
  • Teats are clean, soft, conditioned and dry.
  • Eliminates the costs associated with washing and drying towels.
  • The One Step Cow Prep
    Combine your pre-dipping and wiping into one simple step using the natural antimicrobial, Nisin.
  • Proven Results
    Kills 99% of the most common mastitis-causing organisms.

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