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- Wired Pendant Control Stations



Kar-Tech’s wired pendant control products are the industry standard for machine control in the mobile crane market, and have been used successfully across all areas in the construction equipment industry.

Kar-Tech’s pendant control products are made of high impact plastics, and use only the highest quality, most rugged and sealed switches, pushbuttons, thumbwheels and lights/displays. These are pendant stations designed to withstand a beating and can take whatever the job site can throw at them. Standard configurations of our control pendants run between two and ten switches, optionally with “deadman” switches or variable speed trigger for precise machine control; variations are common, and are easily accommodated for OEMs. They're used regularly as hoist pendants for hoist control or winch control pendants on mobile equipment.

Kar-Tech’s pendant controls come in a range of colors and have different switch configurations and connectors easily integrated into your final pendant control station design. Our pendant stations can be as simple as switching power, or can include our best-in-class electronics to drive your valves directly.

  • Height: 8.60'
  • Width: 4.90'
  • Depth: 4.50'
  • Housing Material: Polypropylene Copolymer

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