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WiSense is designed by Netsens for fulfilling most advanced irrigation control requirements. WiSense accurately measures the volumetric soil water content (WVC), calculates evapotranspiration rate from climatic sensors and displays all data through LiveData interface, featuring rich and advanced options, accessible from any networked computer located anywhere in the world. WiSense allows you to measure at any time the amount of water resources needed, and to take prompt action to maintain your crops in optimal physiological condition. WiSense is available in three different versions, to satisfy all any farming need: from a basic configuration, for detecting the volumetric content locally, to a more powerful system, allowing you to program and activate irrigation valves with just a click on your web interface.

WiSense Basic: saving and efficiency
This configuration is made up a MeteoSense unit, equipped with one or more TerraSense sensors with optional weather sensors, for the calculation of evapotranspiration index. It is the perfect solution for plots where soil moisture conditions are regular, with an excellent quality / price ratio.

WiSense Multisense: greater precision at lower prices
The Multisense version joins the features of the Basic version with the possibility to deploy sensors on the whole plot, using wireless units connected with the MeteoSense main unit.

This version is particularly suitable for plots where microclimatic conditions may vary, thus requiring multiple points of measurement.

Multisense version shows the same functionality of a network of stations, but minimizing your investment and presenting all the data on a single interface, both in graphic display as well as with two-dimensional representation available in LiveData software.

WiSense Active: a complete solution for remote irrigation control
WiSense Active joins the Basic and MultiSense versions features with the remote control of irrigation valves; this allows to manage the system without moving to the field. Being successfully adopted by many of our Customers, WiSense Active is the most complete and efficient solution available on the market.

The powerful LiveData interface allows you to accurately evaluate the irrigation budget in any area of the plot, and to operate as appropriate, verifying the effectiveness of your irrigation strategies from soil moisture trends.

WiSense Active allows to accurately assess the water requirement in the soil, and to keep your crops in optimal conditions, without being on field, thus achieving a remarkable saving in terms of time and money.

It represents the perfect solution for all the involved users, for agronomists, consultants as well as for producers.

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