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Model WOKOZIM - Bio Organic Stimulant


WOKOZIM is a novelty in the Bio fertilizer production technique. It is a non toxic & organic form of naturally occurring plant growth nutrients resulting from seaweed.

In natural form it is composed of 5 major components:

image1 Cytokinins

image1 Auxin precursors

image1 Enzymes

image1 Hydrolysed protein complexes

image1 Betaines

image1 along with naturally occurring nutrients

The deficit of any of these compounds at fundamental stages influences the plant growth adversely and thus results in low productivity.

Enhanced Soil Microbial activity

Nutrients present in the product act as food to beneficial microbes thereby increasing the microbial activity.

Reduced root damage

Beneficial microbes compete with fungal pathogen. This will reduce the activity of the fungal pathogen and thus reduce the chance of root damage. 

Increased Chlorophyll level

Betaines present in WOKOZIMTM reduce natural damage to the photosynthetic process, hence maintaining the chlorophyll content. This helps in keeping the leaves in good health and greener condition.

Plant Defense Mechanism

Stimulants present in the product promote root and shoot growth. These roots can absorb greater amount of available nutrients from the soil. Healthy roots and the plants reduce the damage and help in improving the natural defense mechanism of the plant. 

Stress tolerance

WOKOZIMTM applied plants tolerate greater levels of cold and other kind of stress that reduces the amount of damage.

Soaking seeds or Soil drenching

Better germination and faster surfacing of the plant. 
Helps in increased root development and increased soil microbial activity.

Root treatment

Dipping the roots while transplanting helps in overcoming transplanting shock and leads to better establishment of the roots & efficient nutrient uptake.

On young and emerging plants

Stimulates growth process and reduces any growth constraints.
Better organization of the plants.

On established plants

Plants will have a better defensive mechanism against pests, diseases, drought, frost or water logging. Better retention of flowers and fruits. Increase in yields of quality produce.

Increased utilization of nutrients and moisture
9 Improved germination
8 Stronger early root and shoot growth 
7 Better retention of fruits and flowers 
6 Greater resistance to pests and diseases
5 Better overwintering
4 Improved grain-fill/tiller/tuber development
3 Potential increase in yield/oil content
2 Improved quality
1 Regular use improves tree health and productivity in perennial crops

img1 It is a bio technological innovation in the biofertiliser technique manufactured by a special fermentation process
img1 Derived from sea cost where there is sunshine for 24 hrs during summer. This condition helps in higher photosynthetic activity
img1 Growth in cold condition where plant synthesizes more cytokinins
img1 Care is taken to maintain the original nutrients. Unique manufacturing process efficiently breaks down all the cells of the seaweed raw material to release their nutrients. This enables to extract maximum nutrients and beneficial compounds


WOKOZIMTM (Foliar application) 500 ml per hectare in dilution with sufficient quantity of water depending on the canopy and spray equipment.

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