- Model LT10 - Compact Sawmill



The LT10 is the ideal affordable sawmill for low-volume or occasional timber processing. Woodworkers, farmers, furniture makers, and builders who want to save money by producing their own sawn timber from logs will find that the LT10 will exceed their expectations for an entry-level sawmill.

The LT10 cuts logs up to 70 cm in diameter and 5.4 m long with the standard bed. In order to cut longer logs, bed extensions can be added to extend the sawmill bed to any required cutting length. Thin-kerf blades require minimal energy consumption, so a 5.5 kW electric motor provides sufficient power to cut all wood types. 

Logs are secured to the bed by the two standard log clamps and three adjustable backstops. The head height is precisely positioned by a hand crank and cutting is accomplished by steadily pushing the sawmill head along the length of the log with light pressure. Once the cut is completed, the head is raised, and then pulled back and lowered into position for the next cut. 

A water tank feeds lubrication directly to the blade to improve cutting performance and keep the blade clean. The adjustable blade guide arm keeps the blade well-supported while cutting various sized material. Blade tension is easily adjusted, and keeps the blade at the proper tension for cutting.

  • Max. Log Capacity : 70 cm dia. x 5.4 m
  • 3 bed sections as standard (length unlimited)
  • Log Handling : Manual (Cant Hook)
  • Head Up-Down : Manual Crank
  • Froward/Rew : Push/Pull
  • Power : 5.5 kW Electric
  • Standard : Roller Blade Guides
  • Typical Options : Cant Hooks
  • Loading Ramps
  • Bed Section: 1.95 m or 2.7 m

  • Power
    • Standard : 5.5 kW electric
  • Cutting Capacity
    • Length : 5.4 cm
    • Diameter : 70 cm
    • Max. width of cut : 64 cm
  • Sawmill Head Features & Options
    • Standard : Manual Head Positioning
    • Water Lubrication System
    • Blade Tension
    • Adjustable blade guide arm
    • Push feed system
    • Belted cast steel blade wheels
    • Options : Electric Up / Down Head Positioning
  • Sawmill Bed Features & Options
    • Standard : Two log clamps
    • Three side supports
    • Log taper wedge
    • Three bed sections
    • 12 adjustable leveling feet
    • Rail and rollers wipes
    • Optional : 1.95 m Bed extensions
    • 2.7 m Bed extensions
    • Log loading ramps
    • MP100 Moulder/Planer
  • Blade
    • Length : 4010 mm
    • Width : 32-35 mm
    • Blade Wheel diameter : 483 mm
  • Sawmill Requirements
    • Normal power usage : 11 amp
    • Dust collection port size : 101.6 mm diameter

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